My name is Richard Tomson, the creator of this project. I turn to you who also love the old 80s-90s movies. With their stories and characters we all fell in love with. This project is hugely inspired by a lot of movies from that era.


“CLOSE ENCOUNTERS..” and many others.

I miss that old movie-feel when you watch a story that stick to you for days.

Therefore I want to make this movie. My reasons are many and I hope you'll find this interesting and exciting enough to PRESS THE LIKE button.

The year is 1947 and it all takes place on an old farm outside of a small town.

Edward, 12 years old and his brother William, 10 years old is are left with their

father James and their dog Sandy, after the passing of their mother a year back.

Together they're trying to put the family together.

One day when the brothers are out with their wagon, collecting stuff along the road, they discover a flying saucer that has crashed on an open field.

The boys also finds a wounded alien that they bring home.

In the past 7 years I've been making miniatures and creature parts for this project. I love practical effects and the classic look of grey aliens and flying saucers. So I've made an animatronic puppet head in full-scale with eyes, eyelids, jaw and neck movement. Hands and feet are all practical silicone pieces to make your experience more believable.

YES, you can say that I’m committed to make an awesome movie.

If you read this far then I bet you are interested enough to hear about

how I came up with this story and why I need to complete it.

A few years ago, I became so tired of all the bedtime story books that I’d already read a thousand times for the kids. One evening I came up with this story about two boys that finds a UFO and an alien.

The kids were so fascinated by the concept of another lifeform that lives far away, that they started to ask questions. -Where do we live? Is there other people on other planets? Can we visit them?

I had to talk about space and UFO sightings for an hour.

And of course the BIG question: -What does an alien look like?

I couldn’t find any aliens on the web that looked the way I thought was decent enough for the kids

at that age when they were 3 and 6. So I made my own vision of a grey alien in clay

then draw cover of the book, that later became a children’s audiobook.


Then I thought, why not make a movie about this. And 7 years later, here we are.

I need to make this dream come true, both because I want to show the boys

the movie. And also show them that dreams can come true if you work for it!



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